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Club Soda understands the unique challenges of changing your drinking when you work professionally with alcohol. So we offer a unique approach for people in the industry who want to change their drinking habits, with free courses fully funded by the Drinks Trust Wellness Services. Whether you want to cut down, take a break or simply find some boundaries between professional and personal drinking, we can help.

Choose from

  • How to Drink Mindfully if you are cutting down, fine-tuning your drinking habits or exploring your relationship with alcohol
  • How to Stop Drinking if you are taking a break or thinking about quitting drinking altogether.

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If you are based in the UK, and work or have worked in the drinks industry, your Club Soda course can be fully funded by the Drinks Trust. To apply:


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Free places on Club Soda courses funded by The Drinks Trust are only available to people in the UK who work or have worked in the drinks industry. 

We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. So, we will never tell your current or former employer that you have applied to join the programme.

Choose the closest match for your current (or most recent) job
What do (or did) you do in your current (or more recent) job? eg Bar Manager
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Particularly if you work (or worked) for a chain pub or other large company, who actually employs (or employed) you? eg The Big Brewco

About Club Soda's courses


Club Soda Mindful Drinking Programme Hospitality Edition

Based on behaviour change science, Club Soda’s courses provide the information, tools and support to help you change your drinking, your way. And thanks to our partnership with The Drinks Trust, if you work in the drinks industry in the UK, your course is completely FREE. Choose from:

  • How to Drink Mindfully if you want to cut down gradually or want to experiment with different ways of changing your drinking
  • How to Stop Drinking if you want to take a break from drinking so you can reset, refresh and review your relationship with alcohol

Each of our courses has 31 lessons you can take at your own pace, plus downloadable booklets, bonus videos, regular check-ins, self-guided reviews and real-world experiments. So your course is packed with the information, tools and support you need to help you change your drinking, your way.

Beyond our courses, Club Soda is a community too. So we will introduce you to others in the industry and beyond who’ve become mindful drinkers. Becoming a mindful drinker could be the key to thriving in your job, and building a sustainable and productive career in the drinks industry. And we’ll give you all the inspiration and support you need.

About The Drinks Trust Wellness Services

The Drinks Trust

Club Soda is proud to be collaborating with the Drinks Trust. With the support of industry donors and fundraising efforts within its community, the Drinks Trust supports thousands of people in the drinks industry who are facing difficulties. Since 2020, they’ve been running their Restore programme to support the industry in body and mind. Restore services include health and wellbeing guidance, help with sleep and insomnia, access to talking therapies, a helpline – and support for people who want to become mindful drinkers.


Anyone in the UK who works or has worked in the drinks industry is eligible for support from the Drinks Trust. Previous beneficiaries have included bartenders, bar supervisors, mixologists, pub managers, restaurant managers, cellar managers, sommeliers, brewers, winemakers, drinks writers, drinks business owners, warehouse staff, sales representatives, sales managers, operational managers and more.