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If you want to change your drinking, quitting isn’t the only option. How to Drink Mindfully will help you discover how to cut down your drinking, and include alcohol in your life in a way that helps you live well.

If you want to cut back your alcohol consumption, have more alcohol-free days, or just feel happier about your drinking, How to Drink Mindfully has everything you need to develop a more conscious relationship with alcohol. Packed with detailed information, tools and support, How to Drink Mindfully will help you change your drinking for good.

Want to change your drinking? Discover How to Drink Mindfully

How to Drink Mindfully takes you step-by-step through a radical rethink of your relationship with alcohol. Whether you want to cut down, take a break or just explore your options for change, you will discover how to drink more mindfully and live well.

Inspired by the philosophy and practices of mindfulness and firmly rooted in the best of behaviour change science, How to Drink Mindfully is the best of everything Club Soda knows about how to create and sustain long-term change. Packed with the information, tools and support, it’s an in-depth and intensive course with regular check-ins, encouraging you to experiment and discover the change that works for you.

How to Drink Mindfully has been completely redesigned with a step-by-step approach that unfolds at your pace, supporting you to change your drinking when you are ready:

  • Part 1 introduces the core principles of mindfulness and how they can support you to change your drinking, by helping you pay attention to the situations in which you are drinking more than you want to
  • Part 2 supports you to switch off your autopilot and make more mindful decisions about whether to drink, helping you discover your triggers, challenging your assumptions about drinking and unpacking your motivation for change
  • Part 3 considers how you can begin to live with intention, creating the life you imagine, discover the type of change that will work for you, and teaching you how to make your good decisions easier
  • Part 4 focuses on the practicalities of mindful drinking, encouraging you to slow down and enjoy the experience of drinking, exploring how to deal with cravings and giving you tools to keep track of what works for you
  • And the final few days prepare you for life beyond the course, so you’re ready to put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Plus there’s bonus material, including exclusive downloadable booklets, videos exploring key issues, and real-life inspirational stories of people who’ve changed their drinking for good. There are experiments too, preparing you to drink mindfully in the real world. And we’ll introduce you to other members of the Club Soda community, so you can get the inspiration and support you need. We’re in this together.

What other people say about Club Soda’s courses

The one month course has been a very good first step for me in being mindful about drinking.


This course absolutely changed my life. I don’t think I could have ever learned to moderate without it.


I’m surprised what a difference it made, compared to when I’ve tried in the past. It feels so much easier.


Learn How to Drink Mindfully

Sign up for the course today and you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive onboarding process that helps you get the best out of the course, including personalised feedback on your drinking habits
  • 31 lessons with thought-provoking and in-depth online learning based on the best of behaviour change science, that you can work through at your own pace
  • Daily motivation nudges direct to your email inbox every morning, for as long as you need them
  • Practical tips to build your skills and confidence to drink mindfully and live well
  • Four downloadable booklets packed with practical advice to help you pay attention, understand yourself, live with intention and drink mindfully in practice
  • Exclusive bonus videos each week featuring conversations with Laura Willoughby (Club Soda founder) and Dru Jaeger (author of How to Be a Mindful Drinker) exploring the course materials in more depth
  • Regular check-ins to help you pay attention to your drinking habits, make plans that work and keep track of your happiness
  • Self-guided reviews at the end of each part of the course so you can review your intentions and see the impact of changing your drinking on your sleep, energy, emotions, relationships and more
  • Experiments to practise drinking mindfully and being alcohol-free in the real world and the chance to share your findings with others
  • Connection with other members of the Club Soda community through our private Club Soda group on Telegram, a secure private messaging mobile app, so you can keep in touch wherever you are.

The small(ish) print

Is there any reason I shouldn’t do the course?

You must not stop drinking suddenly if you think you are physically dependent on alcohol. If you think you might be dependent on alcohol, you should speak to your doctor. 

How to Drink Mindfully doesn’t require you to change your drinking suddenly, so you could follow the course alongside cutting down your drinking gradually. The onboarding process for the course includes a self-assessment questionnaire that can help you understand your risk of experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. But How to Drink Mindfully is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are concerned that you might be physically dependent on alcohol, talk to your doctor. And if you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms at any point during the course, you must seek medical help.

When will my course start?

You can join the course at any time. Once your payment has been processed, you will be automatically enrolled in the course. We’ll email you a receipt and a welcome message, so you’ll know you’re signed up. And if you’re new to Club Soda, you’ll also get an email inviting you to create a password for the website.

If you can’t log in or you don’t receive any emails from us, please check your spam folder first. And if you still can’t find the email, please get in touch and we’ll look into it.

How does the course work?

All the course materials for How to Drink Mindfully are hosted on a secure and private part of our website. The course is divided into 31 lessons, plus bonus material, which you can work through at your own pace. You’ll find your check-ins, downloads and videos in the course materials.

Is there a time-limit on finishing the course?

No. The course is yours for as long as you need it, and your access to the course materials doesn’t expire.

What about emails?

You’ll receive a daily motivational nudge by email each day. To get these emails, you need to be subscribed to our regular email newsletter – we use the same system to send them. You can subscribe when you buy the course or sign up to the email newsletter here. We’ll send you these emails for as long as you want them, and you can update your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

Occasionally, depending on the time of day you sign up, there can be small delay in starting your daily nudges. If you haven’t received a nudge within 72 hours, please contact a member of the team.

How do I join the Club Soda group on Telegram?

You’ll find the instructions to join our Telegram group once you’ve logged in and begun the course. You are welcome to be part of our group on Telegram for as long as it’s helpful to you. If you have any difficulties getting started with Telegram, do get in touch

Who’s behind the course?

How to Drink Mindfully has been developed by Dru Jaeger, the author of How to Be a Mindful Drinker, a comprehensive guide to cutting down, taking a break and quitting drinking. Dru is a writer, researcher, coach and mindfulness teacher with more than a decade of experience in healthcare policy.

How to Drink Mindfully offers a groundbreaking approach to moderating alcohol consumption. It is inspired by behaviour change research and mindfulness practice. The course also draws on Club Soda’s research into the experiences of our members who have changed their drinking. In short, this course really works.

Is this course about meditation?

How to Drink Mindfully draws on many of the core ideas of mindfulness, encouraging you to pay attention to yourself and the world around you, to treat yourself with kindness and to take a more conscious and deliberate approach to living. So this course is fundamentally about helping you increase your awareness of your relationship with alcohol.

Although this isn’t a meditation course, we will encourage you to experiment with a formal meditation practice. You’ll find instructions for this in the course materials. Mindfulness meditation can be a useful tool to deepen your awareness, and it has been shown to support long-term recovery and wellbeing.

And finally…

While we make every effort to run our programmes as advertised, we reserve the right to change course content, dates, trainers and moderators if necessary. We also reserve the right to suspend any member who does not keep to our Club rules and terms and conditions.