Club Soda and The Wine Society

Many people enjoy drinking wine, and membership of The Wine Society offers many benefits for wine lovers. But if you’re cutting back or want to take a break from wine drinking, it’s a good idea to get support from an organisation that understands the unique challenges of changing your relationship with wine.

Club Soda helps people drink more mindfully and live well. Our courses support people to find a more balanced relationship with alcohol, so you can enjoy the drinks you love.

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If you are a member of The Wine Society, your Club Soda course can be fully funded, so your course is free of charge to you. To apply:

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About Club Soda's courses

Based on behaviour change science, Club Soda’s courses provide the information, tools and support to help you change your drinking, your way. And thanks to our partnership with The Wine Society, members can access our courses completely free. Choose from:

  • How to Drink Mindfully if you are cutting down, fine-tuning your drinking habits or exploring your wine drinking
  • How to Stop Drinking if you are taking a break or thinking about quitting wine drinking altogether.

Each of our courses has 31 lessons you can work through at your own pace, plus downloadable booklets, bonus videos, regular check-ins, self-guided reviews and real-world experiments. So your course is packed with the information, tools and support you need to help you change your wine drinking in a way that works for you.

Beyond our courses, Club Soda is a community, too, and we will introduce you to other people who’ve become mindful drinkers. We’ll also give you all the inspiration and support you need to make long-term changes you can stick to.

About The Wine Society

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The Wine Society is the world’s oldest member-owned community of wine lovers.

Since 1874 they have been doing business differently, putting their members before profit to ensure fairer bottle prices for both the people that enjoy them, and for those who make them. Because the Society doesn’t need to keep external shareholders happy, they are able to put profits back into lower prices and services, so you get exceptional quality in every bottle you buy with them.

When you join The Wine Society, you become a lifetime member. But of course, people’s drinking habits may change over the years. So The Wine Society is committed to helping people find low and no alcohol alternatives that offer a rewarding alternative for wine drinkers, and supporting members who want to reshape their drinking habits.

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