Rethinking Your Wine Drinking


Rethinking Your Wine Drinking is a short course to help you reshape your relationship with wine. If you’re wrestling with wine habits and struggling to drink less or not at all, Rethinking Your Wine Drinking offers practical tools and insights to change your wine drinking for good.

Rethinking Your Wine Drinking is a short course to transform your relationship with wine. Sign up and you’ll get:
  • A detailed onboarding process that helps you get the best out of this course, including personalised feedback on your drinking habits
  • Seven in-depth lessons exploring different aspects of wine drinking, your beliefs about wine and alcohol-free alternatives
  • Daily inspiration and motivation direct to your email inbox every morning to encourage you to keep going
  • A bonus podcast episode with wine industry experts on how alcohol-free wine is changing for the better
  • Regular check-ins to help you pay attention to your triggers for drinking, make plans that work and keep track of your happiness
  • Connection with other members of the Club Soda community through our private Club Soda group on Telegram, a secure private messaging mobile app, so you can keep in touch wherever you are
  • Free access to our weekly online workshops exploring different aspects of changing your drinking, so you can ask questions and get the support you need.
You can read more about the course here.